The Multimedia Rating System(MRS) Was Made in 2014 for Promateur's Youtube Videos Before Being Replaced by The FCC TV Parental Guidance System. The Rating System was Later Used on The Promateur HTML Website on 2017. It Was Only used on YouTube on the PG-Rated "Snapple.MP4".

E(Everyone) Edit

This Rating is For General Audience and is For All Ages.
E for Everyone

It Includes:

  • Minimal/Cartoonish Violence. References to Death.
  • Language That Goes Beyond Polite Conversation
  • Reverent, Adult Use of Tabacco and Alcohol

PG(Parental Guidance) Edit

Most of This Content is Appropiate for Ages 10 and Up.

It Includes:

  • Mild Violence, Heavy Slapstick. Non-Graphic Depictions of Murder. Minimal Blood.
  • "Hell" "Damn" "Ass" and Infrequent Uses of "Bitch"
  • Disturbing Content
  • Tabacco and Alcohol are More Frequent. Some Depictions of Underage Drinking/Smoking.
  • Implied Racism.
  • Mild Sexual References. Mild Nudity

T(Ages 12 and Up) Edit


The Content Here Might not Be Appropiate for People Under 12.

  • Intense Violence. Some Blood. Depictions of Suicide and Mild Torture.
  • "Bitch" "Dick" "Asshole" and "Shit"
  • Weed and Cocaine Use.
  • Mild Racism
  • Sexual References and Mild Sexual Content.

M(Ages 15 and Up, Those Under 15 Are Warned of Watching it Unnatended) Edit

  • M
    Strong, Gory Violence. Depictions of Rape, Torture and Suicide.
  • Uncensored, Unrestricted Uses of "Fuck", "Cock"(Referring to Actual Genitalia) and Their Derivatives. But No Uses of the two "R-Exclusive" Words. Also Known as the "C" and "K" Words.
  • Drug Depiction. Drugs Like "Meth" and "Crack"
  • Racism.
  • Strong Sexual References. Mild Sexual Activity.

MA17(Ages 17 and Up, Those Under 17 Are Warned of Watching it Unnatended) Edit

  • MA17
    Graphic, Explicit Violence.
  • Unlimited Unrestricted Coarse Language
  • Explicit Depictions of Drug Use and Racism.
  • Explicit Depictions of Sex. Strong Sexual Activity. But No Graphic Visual Depiction.

A18+(Ages 18 and Up, Those Under 18 May Not Watch this) Edit

  • A18
    Abbherationally Graphic Violence
  • Explicit Sexual Activity and Pornography. Including Genital Contact.
  • Games That Have Interactive Sex and Real Gambling.